STEM Punk Minute: Jonathan Orozco

STEM student Jonathan Orozco

Jonathan Orozco, Electrical Engineering

Name: Jonathan Orozco

Major: Electrical Engineering
School: San Diego City College

Why did you choose a STEM major?
In middle school I wanted to make my own boombox. I wanted to know how speakers worked and how batteries worked.  My mom worked at an electronics company and she took things apart and put them back together. I picked up on that. A school counselor helped me realize that electrical engineering would be a good major for me.

Have you ever considered leaving your STEM major?
I considered leaving electrical engineering for other STEM majors, but I know that I’m really interested in electrical engineering because of the projects that I do at home with light and sound.

What keeps you motivated to stay in STEM?
I admire Nikola Tesla because he made inventions to help humanity. As a humanist, I want to use my knowledge in electrical engineering to better humanity.

What is your favorite study habit?
When I first read a chapter, I like to go through and highlight elements. For example, I use purple for equations, yellow for concepts, blue for vocabulary, or pink for outside references.  That way if I’m looking for a vocabulary word, I know that I can just scan for blue.  I also color codes the notes that I take in class.  It’s easy to find stuff in my notes.  I also usually look for a video of a topic before coming to class.  Even if I don’t understand everything, I get familiar with the subject.

Sonjiala Jackson-Hotchkiss

Sonjiala (SON-ja-la) is currently pursuing an MS degree in chemistry at UC San Diego. As a member of the Bridges to Baccalaureate Program at San Diego Mesa College, her research in organic chemistry includes the synthesis of fatty acid esters of vitamin C that will be tested for their ability to inhibit glycolytic enzymes. In an additional research project she uses analytical chemistry techniques to determine the composition of World War II era California pottery.

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