Back-to-School Study Bootcamp for Spring 2014: Day 14

Day 14
This two-week study bootcamp was more helpful than I thought for helping me feel ready for the semester. I found setting goals for the number of minutes I would study especially helpful, and I will carry that practice into the semester. Setting minute goals prompted me to be more aware of the quality of my studying. For instance, I became more aware of times when I paused in the middle of study time to think about what to have for dinner or to plan for the following day or week. Over the past two weeks I kept a stricter accounting of actual minutes spent studying.

The minute goals also increased my awareness of the time it takes me to read a chapter or work a certain number of problems. The timing varies depending on the difficulty of the subject and my level of skill; however, by keeping track over the course of the semester, I will be better able to making adjustments accordingly.

Over the next week I will develop a model for posting in greater detail about studying for Organic Chemistry II. Check back next weekend for details.

Numbers for the day (Made the target numbers!):

Before 6 p.m.
Organic Chemistry
– 90 minutes; review of Newmann Projections and chair conformations.
Differential Equations – 90 minutes; watched lecture 2 again and reviewed notes.

After 6 p.m.
–90 minutes; worked vector problems.
Workout – 60 minutes; walk.

Sonjiala Jackson-Hotchkiss

Sonjiala (SON-ja-la) is currently pursuing an MS degree in chemistry at UC San Diego. As a member of the Bridges to Baccalaureate Program at San Diego Mesa College, her research in organic chemistry includes the synthesis of fatty acid esters of vitamin C that will be tested for their ability to inhibit glycolytic enzymes. In an additional research project she uses analytical chemistry techniques to determine the composition of World War II era California pottery.

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