Back-to-School Study Bootcamp for Spring 2014: Day 13

Day 13
I have come to value small blocks of study time more. Thinking of getting my minutes in for the day helped me see study opportunities that I might have missed otherwise. When studying on a regular basis, it’s easier to string together 15-minutes study blocks in a way that feels like a continuation rather than starting and stopping. Today was filled with a long list of tasks, so I was grateful that I thought to weave in study breaks.

One more day to get in what I thought would be my minimum minutes.

Numbers for the day:

Before 6 p.m.
Organic Chemistry – 60 minutes; review of stereochemistry.

After 6 p.m.
Differential Equations – 60 minutes; worked problems.
Physics – 60 minutes; worked problems.
Workout – 20 minutes; walk.

Sonjiala Jackson-Hotchkiss

Sonjiala (SON-ja-la) is currently pursuing an MS degree in chemistry at UC San Diego. As a member of the Bridges to Baccalaureate Program at San Diego Mesa College, her research in organic chemistry includes the synthesis of fatty acid esters of vitamin C that will be tested for their ability to inhibit glycolytic enzymes. In an additional research project she uses analytical chemistry techniques to determine the composition of World War II era California pottery.

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