Back-to-School Study Bootcamp for Spring 2014: Day 8

Day 8

I didn’t feel so well today, and I still don’t feel well.  I didn’t feel up to working problems or reading. So, I had a repeat of the first day basically. I replayed lectures I had watched before without taking notes. For days of feeling under the weather, it’s especially nice to have a list of study tasks of varying levels of difficulty. You could also have a list of different categories of tasks – more visual to less visual, basic definitions to theoretical concepts, due sooner to due later. That way you can scan down the list for something that fits your energy/alertness level.  I plan to build lists for myself over the course of the semester.

Numbers for the day:

Differential Equations — 50 minutes; first lecture.
Physics — 50 minutes; second lecture.
Organic Chemistry – 50 minutes; first quarter lecture from yesterday.
Workout — day off;

Sonjiala Jackson-Hotchkiss

Sonjiala (SON-ja-la) is currently pursuing an MS degree in chemistry at UC San Diego. As a member of the Bridges to Baccalaureate Program at San Diego Mesa College, her research in organic chemistry includes the synthesis of fatty acid esters of vitamin C that will be tested for their ability to inhibit glycolytic enzymes. In an additional research project she uses analytical chemistry techniques to determine the composition of World War II era California pottery.

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