Back-to-School Study Bootcamp for Spring 2014: Day 6

Day 6  — Remember to Check the Local Library!

I was able to pick up a copy of Organic Chemistry as a Second Language (First Semester) by David Klein at my local library today.  I regularly check the public library for helpful books. My public library recently became part of a wider circuit system, so I have access to a wider variety of books. I check for books assigned in my class first, but I also check for books assigned to classmates attending the same or similar classes at a different school. I spent my organic chemistry time perusing my recent acquisition. It gets great reviews at Amazon, and my first-semester organic chemistry professor recommended it as well. I’ll give a short review after I have worked with it for a few days.

My numbers for the day:

Before 6 p.m.
Organic Chemistry  — 60 minutes; reading and working problems in Organic Chemistry as a Second Language.

After 6 p.m.
Physics — 45 minutes; Working problems.
Differential Equations — 60 minutes; working problems.
Workout — 60 minutes. 40 minutes on the treadmill (2.65 miles); 20 minutes basic exercises.

Sonjiala Jackson-Hotchkiss

Sonjiala (SON-ja-la) is currently pursuing an MS degree in chemistry at UC San Diego. As a member of the Bridges to Baccalaureate Program at San Diego Mesa College, her research in organic chemistry includes the synthesis of fatty acid esters of vitamin C that will be tested for their ability to inhibit glycolytic enzymes. In an additional research project she uses analytical chemistry techniques to determine the composition of World War II era California pottery.

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